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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Map Point Blows It

There has been a story circulating among some blogs about certain bugs in Microsofts Map Point. Map point is a route finder that competes with MapQuest and the like.
Here is an article detailing one such bug. Apparently if you try to get the quickest route from Haugesund and Trondheim, both in Norway, the suggested quickest route is a 1,685 mile journey through Belgium, England, France, Germany and Sweden.
I'm going to assume here that MapPoint doesn't necessarily have a bug, but is working with incomplete data. I've often had problems with MapQuests router, usually because the data is incomplete or in error (saying there are freeway exit ramps where there are none).
Still, it's worth checking out the graphic showing the error. It's hard to believe until you see it.


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